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“FenêtreS” is a cooperation platform for independent social workers and education stakeholders, created in 2014, which offers a wide range of activities and fee-for-service services for parents and for social and medical structures as well. Our tools are digital: YTINEO mobile application and website for linking, dossier and shared liaison book, service contract and Career Support Project. “FenêtreS” develops and supports intercultural projects implemented in the framework of European programs, particularly in the areas of mobility, ecology, culture, social affairs, education, employment; “FenêtreS” designs, plans and implements European projects within the Erasmus+ program and informs about the programs and EU projects. We focus mainly on: - youngsters in difficulty, trying to offer them a new approach on social integration ; - adult education with a non formal education approach. We base our methods on non formal education, motivating youngsters to be actively involved in the social and democratic life of the community. Most of them are youngsters that have quitted school too early, without having a future project and without knowing what to search in terms of working. Through our workshops (language support, knitting, CV and cover letter writing, sociology etc) and our offers of mobility in Europe, we manage to give them confidence in themselves. Also, they achieve new skills and learn new languages, with the help of our European volunteers.

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The University of Malaga (UMA) is one of the main institutions of higher education in Spain: it is the first of the Spanish universities involved with the SDGs and the number 40 in the world, according to the Impact ranking of Times Higher Education. Since its founding in 1972, UMA has expanded its prestige and international presence and today has more than 35,000 students, 58 Bachelor's degrees, 53 Master's degrees and 22 doctoral programs, as well as more than 200 degrees of its own. Its activity is carried out in 2 campuses in which they teach and research more than 2500 teachers in 23 faculties and schools. The UMA support mobility to more than 1500 incoming and 1100 outgoing students each year, as well as 200 exchanges of incoming and outgoing researchers per year. UMA is also part of the campus of excellence "Andalucía Tech". The UMA is the first Spanish academic institution to obtain the international seal of 'Entrepreneurial University' awarded by ACEEU a recognition so far achieved by only five other universities in the world. UMA also meets the following quality standards: EFQM 200, EFQM 300, ISO 9001, ISO 14001. University of Malaga is very active in ICT development and ICT-based training. Its Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences –the oldest centre in the UMA, has been carrying out different official degrees on the finance subject, such as a degree in Business Management, a degree in Accounting and Finance, a master’s degree in Finance, Banking and Insurance, a Master's Degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences as well as other specialized courses under the university own-diploma system. The UMA is also a partner in the project Edufinet, a financial education project developed in collaboration with of 12 Spanish and one Portuguese universities, and is delivering financial training courses tailored for seniors and children.

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Fuori dal Sommerso

Cooperativa fuori dal Sommerso is a not for profit organisation founded in Mesagne (in Puglia, South of Italy) in 2001; it has a staff of 21 professionals and is active in the field of adults, active aging, social and job integration of vulnerable target groups (in particular person with disability). Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of seniors by maintaining their independence and dignity Our supportive services help seniors meet their daily living needs at home, which greatly impacts their health and ability to remain living independently. With community-based assistance, seniors can thrive at home where they are happiest. We are the safety net. SOMMERSO offers a vital support system for vulnerable elderly with limited options who would otherwise not have access to or be able to afford services. In particular our main services are: home help, meal distribution, adults workshop. We may be able to refer disabled persons to wheelchair accessible housing or transportation or other services in our city. In addition, periodically we organize recreational events in order to provide the opportunity for further interaction and socialization among our target group. Finally we adhere to the European network Euro-net, working on the development of training, mobility and European co-operation for the Puglia region. Sommerso provide 2 kind of Home care Services for Seniors: • rehabilitation, supportive, health-promoting or disease-preventive and technical nursing care, both for chronic and acute conditions (the latter are better known as hospital-at-home schemes), occupational therapy and physiotherapy; • home health care recipients would be mostly older people, people with complex illnesses and people with terminal illness. (art 88 Puglia Region) Home help services, traditionally provided by the social service sector, instead, comprise: • household duties, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning and administrative paperwork (such as filling in forms and paying bills), activities such as socializing or going for walks and delivering personal care (help with bathing and dressing, etc.); • these services commonly substitute for informal care; nevertheless, they could also stimulate it (help for family members, neighbours or friends) and provide moral and psychological support (counselling and advice); and • once again, most people receiving home help services are older people, many of them living alone. (art 87 Puglia Region) Home care assistants, or aides, are the foundation of the home care workforce because of the wide variety of services they provide. These services can range from assisting with therapy and the activities of daily living to preparing food. Home care assistants typically visit most frequently and spend the most time with the person receiving care.

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IDP, with branch offices in Italy and in Brussels, was established in 1996 by partners working since 1991 in Brussels in the frame of EU policies and EU funding programmes. It relies on more than 20 year experience in the development, submission and management of successful EU projects. Since 1999, IDP develops and carries out also specialised training courses for VET and Adult learners focused exclusively on EU related issues (EU Institutions, policies, programmes, project management etc), delivering an average of +1000 hrs/year of training to +550 adult attendees/year. IDP organises also study visits in Brussels to the EU Institutions or the participation of groups of AL to major EU events (such as the Open Days of DG Regio); moreover, it takes part in all EU events held in Brussels (Info days, conferences, meetings etc) and has regulars contacts with officers and representatives of Brussels-based Institutions, practitioners, associations and projects. As a training service provider, IDP organises, manages and delivers high quality specialised training for Local and other public authorities, focusing on the various aspects of project management, planning, financial management, implementation, fund-raising, etc In addition to serving the public and third sector, IDP offers services to institutional clients from both national and regional governments. Moreover, IDP is currently a contractor of the EU Institutions/Agencies having been awarded in 2010 two contracts on the basis of competitive bidding.

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IHF, Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl, is a non profit organisation established in Brussels (Belgium) in 2003. The principal aim of IHF is to provide the community (including non profit and local authorities) with assistance for the development of a wider international cooperation through activities of specialised training on European policies and the dissemination of European values. One of the means to reach this objective is the organisation of highly specialised courses and seminars focused at the development of European projects. The courses focus on EU Policies and Legislation, International Relations and Project Management, promoting the possibility to participate in EU-funded programmes. IHF organises also study groups to Brussels for young graduates, local authorities representatives, SMEs, Universities, promoting mobility activities at different training levels. Since 2004 IHF organised more than 40 study visits to Brussels for more than 500 people. IHF took part as associate partner in previous EU funded projects, contributing mainly to Dissemination and exploitation activities. IHF provides further assistance through continuous monitoring of EU legislation and European Institution activities, and consequent spread of related information, assistance in the search for partners and building up of networks. Thanks to its presence in Brussels IHF asbl developed relevant experience in the organisation of Dissemination and Valorisation activities at EU level, through contacts with MEPs, other European associations and Institutions, stakeholders, consumers groups etc.

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İ.ova Youth Art & Culture Organisation( İ.ova Gençlik Kültür , Sanat ve Gelişim Derneği) is an organization of non-profit nature, which was founded in 2018.It is based in the city of Aydın and counts more than one hundred (100) individuals as members, young and creative citizens, people who share values, ideas, thoughts, reflections and vision. İ.ova Gençlik is a young and dynamic organisation that was created as a response to the need for a vibrant, community based formation that will be able to recognise opportunities and respond to challenges related to the unique character of the local community and its members. Our aim is to promote the empowerment of young people and adults through the creation of real opportunities for educational and professional development and stimulate the youth entrepreneurship in an international environment using various models and opportunities such as e-learning, in-class trainings, mentoring, , youth exchanges. According to its values and principles, the NGO gives support to every person, promoting equal opportunities and supporting these communities helping them to reach their goals and achievements in a self-sufficient way. As a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the local community on a daily basis, especially through provision of learning and training opportunities, creative and artistic initiatives, and encouraging integration and inclusion, we aim to be active in various fields relevant to the spirit and life of our local community.

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Internet Web Solutions is a leading provider of information technology (IT) and engineering services based in Málaga. Its business plan has received the finalist award from the City of Madrid in the National Business Competition sponsored by IdeCesem Business School. Internet Web Solutions is specialized in domains like Professional Web Design, Web Development, Software Development, E-Commerce Solutions, E-learning projects and SEO strategies. It also provides online marketing solutions and quality translation services. Internet Web Solutions is providing high-tech,custom and quality web design,Outsourced Web Development and Software Development services with latest and emerging Web Technologies, in particular PHP, Java Script, AjAx and newest DHTML IT languages. Internet Web Solutions has a result-oriented team under one roof that comprises of Software/Web/Creative Designers, Developers, SEO Experts, Programmers, Software Developers and Marketing professionals. Our aim is to make IT technology much more accessible to general and specialized public.

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SOLUTION Solidarité & Inclusion

Solution : Solidarité & Inclusion is an NGO based in Paris developing innovative actions to promote social cohesion through non formal education. The objective of the association is to boost social inclusion among younger adults by proposing several kinds of activities that promote intercultural dialogue by offering cross-cutting activities, designing educational programs to open minds and strengthen fair dynamics between generations. Solution’s team thinks that a real change in society can only be achieved through constant engagement and contact with the local target groups. For this reason, the association organizes a wide range of activities involving different kinds of target groups. The Parisian region being an area of big inequalities, citizens’ needs are heterogeneous. Some people lack of opportunities to access to non-formal education offers. Solution tries to give an answer to such issues by proposing educational training both on the local and international fields to all people, especially those coming from the outskirts and poor neighborhoods.

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