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SOLUTION Solidarité & Inclusion

Solution : Solidarité & Inclusion is an NGO based in Paris developing innovative actions to promote social cohesion through non formal education.

The objective of the association is to boost social inclusion among younger adults by proposing several kinds of activities that promote intercultural dialogue by offering cross-cutting activities, designing educational programs to open minds and strengthen fair dynamics between generations.

Solution’s team thinks that a real change in society can only be achieved through constant engagement and contact with the local target groups. For this reason, the association organizes a wide range of activities involving different kinds of target groups. The Parisian region being an area of big inequalities, citizens’ needs are heterogeneous. Some people lack of opportunities to access to non-formal education offers. Solution tries to give an answer to such issues by proposing educational training both on the local and international fields to all people, especially those coming from the outskirts and poor neighborhoods.


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