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Promoting financial literacy for the elderly through the FLY project

The Professional Association of Economists of Malaga has hosted a training day on financial education by the Erasmus+ FLY project (Financial Literacy for Inclusion), which aims to improve the financial literacy of adults.

This training offers tools for making daily decisions concerning the economy of citizens, aiming to maintain and improve their autonomy, security and financial stability. The coincidence of this training action with the International Working Women's Day, March 8, was intended to highlight the importance of this type of actions for the female collective, as women are generally the main managers of family expenses, without usually having been provided with a minimum financial education, especially in the case of the older generations.

The training was given by the financial advisors, members of the Professional Association of Economists of Malaga, Mrs. Elisa Negro Martínez and Mrs. Gema Rojo Pérez, while the session was presented by the coordinator of the FLY project at the University of Malaga, Professor Francisca García Lopera. This initiative is part of a program of periodic sessions aimed at the population free of charge that will be developed throughout the year.

Financial Education for Inclusion Project

The FLY project, co-financed by the European Union, is being developed by a consortium of 8 organizations belonging to five European Union countries (Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and Turkey), with the University of Malaga being the partner responsible for the coordination and development of the training package, the core product of the project. FLY is supported by a multilingual Open Educational Resources (OER) Platform, anonymously accessible, free and permanently available, which offers a practical and intuitive online tool for each person to self-assess their financial knowledge, an attractive and simple training, easy to access that facilitates people without financial training to better manage their money and make prudent and wise financial decisions, thus obtaining benefits both individually and socially. Thanks to FLY, individuals can gain a better understanding of the value of money and savings, plan their economic decisions with the essential skills to identify and evaluate situations related to their personal finances, and make financial decisions aware of the associated risks and rewards.

The FLY platform also offers reports on ethical finance with the aim of moving towards a more sustainable and socially sensitive financial environment by making people more aware of the impact of their financial decisions, not only for themselves, but also for society and the global planet.

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